Triple Your Real Estate Leads Overnight: Harness the Power of ClickDimensions and Dynamics 365

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Tech for a Seamless Lead Management Experience in Today’s Competitive Property Market

James Berger
5 min readApr 11, 2023
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In today’s competitive real estate market, estate agents need efficient and user-friendly tools to manage their leads effectively. In this blog post, we’ll explore how a combination of ClickDimensions and Microsoft Dynamics 365 can revolutionise lead management for estate agents, enhancing productivity and ultimately increasing sales.

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  • Streamline the lead capture process for real estate sales agents. The solution replaces traditional pen-and-paper methods with a more efficient digital approach using an iPad.
  • By leveraging ClickDimensions forms and landing pages, Microsoft Power Platform’s Cloud Flow, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales App, sales agents can now easily capture and manage leads in a user-friendly interface.

Lead Capture

The real estate industry is constantly evolving, and so are the methods estate agents use to capture and manage leads. This blog post delves into a common scenario faced by estate agents, the innovative solution developed to address it, and the tools and techniques employed to achieve the desired results.

In this situation, a company’s estate agents were still relying on outdated pen-and-paper methods to record customer lead information while showcasing properties on-site. Subsequently, they would manually input the lead data into their CRM. This approach was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors and inefficiency. Identifying the need for a more streamlined process, we sought a solution that would allow estate agents to use a device, such as an iPad, to capture leads that would then be automatically added to the CRM.

It is important to note that while Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing could have been an alternative, the company had already invested in ClickDimensions. This meant that leveraging ClickDimensions for our solution was a more cost-effective approach, allowing the client to fully utilise their existing resources and investment. By integrating ClickDimensions with Microsoft Power Automate, we were able to create a seamless and efficient lead management system tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

Key Tools

Solution: To address this need, we developed a solution that combined ClickDimensions forms and landing pages with Microsoft Power Automate.

  1. ClickDimensions: A marketing automation tool that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Specifically using Forms and Landing Pages: Used for capturing lead information and presenting it in a user-friendly manner.
  2. Microsoft Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow): A cloud-based service that allows you to create an automated workflow.
  3. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales App: A powerful CRM solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365. In conjunction with ClickDimensions and Microsoft Power Platform’s Cloud Flow, it creates a comprehensive lead management system. This enables sales agents to efficiently capture lead information and manage it within a user-friendly interface, while automated workflows streamline the process of adding leads to the CRM.

4 Steps to Implementing an Efficient Lead Capture Solution

We took the following steps to implement the solution:

Step 1 — Design a ClickDimensions Form to Capture Lead Information. To create an effective form, navigate to the ClickDimensions App, and within the Web and Events section, open the Forms area. Design the form to capture essential details such as the prospective customer’s name, email address, phone number, and the property they are interested in.

To create a new form go to the ClickDimensions App, within Web and Events, Open the Forms area.

Step 2 — Add a Custom Field for Property of Interest Create a custom text field to capture the Property of interest and add it to the form. This field will automatically link the Lead to the Property they are interested in. Note that a hidden field type should not be used, as it is not supported. Set the custom field as Read-only with a default value. This configuration will be utilised in the Cloud Flow set up later.

Step 3— Craft a User-Friendly Landing Page with ClickDimensions Design an engaging and easy-to-navigate landing page using ClickDimensions. This landing page will host the form and be accessible to estate agents via their iPads. The example below demonstrates how the register interest form can be embedded onto the landing page:

Here is an example of the register interest form embedded onto a landing page.

Step 4— Configure a Cloud Flow for Automatic Form Submission Updates. Set up a Cloud Flow that triggers upon form submission, which updates the ‘Property of Interest’ on the lead automatically. Note that ClickDimensions creates the lead when the form is submitted. This Cloud Flow utilises the custom field added to the form in Step 2. The custom field is necessary because the lead field is a lookup, allowing multiple property selections to be made. The following example showcases the Power Automate used to relate the schemes of interest (Property the customer was interested in) to the Project table:

Example of the Power Automate used to relate the schemes of interest (Property the customer was interested in) to the Project table.

It is important to note that Steps 2 and 4 in our solution were required specifically due to the customer’s unique requirements regarding lead generation. In other cases, depending on the client’s needs and existing systems, it may be sufficient to create only a form and a landing page for lead capture and management.

By utilising ClickDimensions forms, landing pages, and Cloud Flow, we were able to streamline the lead capture process for our client’s sales agents. This solution not only eliminated the need for manual data entry but also reduced the chances of errors and improved efficiency. The sales agents can now focus more on engaging with potential customers and closing deals, knowing that their lead information is being captured and managed effectively.

As a result, our client was able to improve their lead management process without the need to implement a new CRM system or invest in additional software, making it a cost-effective solution that met their specific requirements.


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